Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I have been thinking of blogging for some time now but I just never found the time!
This is it now. I have opened an account, I have named my blog. My own little piece of cyber space to publish my thoughts, my adventures, snapshots of my life. Pretty scary huh?
I have been staring at the empty page for a while now (with a coffee and some biscuits!), wondering what to write about. How do you start a blog?
Don't know! So this is me, alone in front of my screen. I reckon I could get really addicted to this! It's a bit like writing a diary I suppose, but a lot more exciting because I can read your comments!

You might be wondering about my title for this blog... Have I found the recipe for happiness?
Not really, well maybe...
I spend my time running, trying to fit everything in my "oh so short days". I am always thinking of the next thing, wondering how other people do it. With a lot of support from Mike, I look after our house, our 3 young children , my business, I teach and I also run a bilingual French school with 2 wonderful friends. When there is a little time (?) I like to catch up with my friends and have a glass of wine.
So you see it is all too easy to get lost in all this and to forget how lucky I am really! I am in a happy relationship, I have the most gorgeous, clever and lovely children (no really I do!), wonderful friends and family and I am fortunate enough to do what I love for a living.
So I have decided that this blog will be just that! The place to take time to reflect and appreciate what I have, to be grateful and to share. It is all too easy to forget and to take things for granted. Well not anymore!
So there you have it: YES I am HAPPY! Well most days anyway!
And I have just written my first post!
Shall I click on the "publish" button?

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  1. Hi
    welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. Thanks for finding my blog. It's always nice to think that someone is actually reading your ramblings! Do you twitter? - find me there at dotandspotsbiz.
    Good luck with the blog