Friday, 25 September 2009

My bag!

In French, there is a saying to say that shoemakers always wear the worst shoes!
I am a bag maker and the other day I looked in disgust at my bag!
A black canvas shoulder bag! And inside.... There were lego bricks in an assortment of bright colours, a dinausor, a barbie shoe(pink of course!), a half eaten banana (not mine!), dirty tissues, biscuit crumbs, dozens of receipts and car park tickets, loose change (that was the good news!) and the list could go on!
So I have decided to put a stop to this!
Yes I am a mum, but I am not going down this road of mumsy handbags!!! No way!
So I have made myself a handbag, from my new collection and it is going to stay clean and organised!

It's all mine! It's got circles! And it's a no dinausor/lego/biscuits/bananas/barbie zone!

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Addicted to circles!

You see.. 2 posts in 1 day! I am getting much better at this.
But Help! I think I am suffering from a serious case of circle addiction!
I was already addicted to fabric, to hats, to beautiful handbags and of course chocolate!
About 3 years ago I made a sensational recovery from stripes! No really I did!
Well now it seems I am crazy about circles! It sneaked in on me very quietly!
First I was attracted to beautiful round shapes, sensual and tactile.
Then I kept making organic cell -like shapes on my felt. Now it is just full blown circles! Small ones, big ones, in a row or all messed up, it doesn't matter!
That's all I seem to see! Circles evrywhere.... I love them! And there is no stopping me!
So this past week, this is what I have been making:

Don't you love them? I feel like I actually want to eat them!

What do you think?

Well I should explain that I do not make circles just for the sake of it! These little cuties are going to become...

My favourite bag! In all different colours!
Pictures to follow very soon!

Very good resolutions!

ok, so I really haven't been very good at this blog writing! It is all about to change!
My excuses? Mmm! Coming back from France, the kids starting school all at different times, and finishing at different times! Adopting 2 tiny super cute 4 week old kittens who have to be bottle-fed every 4 hours! Catching some nasty gastric flu! The whole family of course! So you see I do have excuses! And of course my usual load of orders to dispatch! It has all been very hectic really and I think I probably needed to be ill in order to slow down a bit!
So from next week, it is all going to go very smoothly! No really it is!
I feel really inspired!
The children will all be at school at regular times! We are all going to stay healthy and I will have more time to spend on my work! This is what I need! My head is bursting with new ideas and I need time to put them into practice!
Monday 28th September is a new beginning!