Friday, 25 September 2009

My bag!

In French, there is a saying to say that shoemakers always wear the worst shoes!
I am a bag maker and the other day I looked in disgust at my bag!
A black canvas shoulder bag! And inside.... There were lego bricks in an assortment of bright colours, a dinausor, a barbie shoe(pink of course!), a half eaten banana (not mine!), dirty tissues, biscuit crumbs, dozens of receipts and car park tickets, loose change (that was the good news!) and the list could go on!
So I have decided to put a stop to this!
Yes I am a mum, but I am not going down this road of mumsy handbags!!! No way!
So I have made myself a handbag, from my new collection and it is going to stay clean and organised!

It's all mine! It's got circles! And it's a no dinausor/lego/biscuits/bananas/barbie zone!


  1. Bonjour Corinne, merci du message. J'ai regarde vos creations. c'est tres vivace, super. Merci de votre interet. Je n'ai pas d'expositions en ce moment avant, janvier/juillet. En general je mets l'info sur le blog. Bonne continuation aussi a vous. et de meme je regarderai pour voir ou vous exposer.

  2. Hi Corinne,

    great work, enjoy your new handbag.

    Wish you a great day,